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How tocan I add a pager to the TOPtop of a forum in Drupal 8?

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How to add a pager to the TOP of a forum in Drupal 8?

I am using the standard forum module that comes with Drupal 8. The problem is, when I view a forum node, it shows the pager the bottom. I want the pager to also appear at the top.

The closest I've been able to come is editing the "comment--comment_forum.html.twig" template. If I put random text at the top of this template, then I can see the text appearing at the right spot I want. But if I put this:

{{ pager }}

Then nothing shows. So the comment--comment_forum.html.twig template doesn't know what "pager" is.

Does anyone know where the correct place is to add a pager to the top of forum posts?