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Site caching a php page?

I recently 'inherited' a website which has a Drupal installation on it. I know absolutely nothing about Drupal. I don't want to go on for too long, but the site is an absolute mess. It looks like there are two separate websites there that interweave. In all honesty, I dont think I could have paid someone to make a less understandable website. None of the code is documented, there is just no sense to any of it.

Well here's my problem -

I recently changed all of the FTP, SQL and site passwords so the previous ownership couldn't access the site.

On one of the pages there is a PHP script that processes a form. In the form, the php accesses a file called, "login_credentials.php" (sigh...) which contains the SQL login info.

Now, whenever someone tries to use the page, there is an error that says invalid password on line 12. I, of course, have gone into the login_credentials.php file and confirmed that the password is the new password.

I also went in and even changed the code so that the SQL connection is on a different line (line 13) but the error still says line 12. This is telling me that the page is somehow cached (maybe?), but I have no idea how.

What's even stranger is that if you are logged into the site as an admin, the error DOES NOT occur. This problem only occurs to the public. (only admins need to log in).

I honestly can't say what the problem is. I'm only moderately savvy when it comes to php/html etc, and know nothing at all about Drupal.

Any ideas?