In an entityform "form_alter" function I have $form_state with all the info inside I need. I could "hard-code" the language, but this is a multi language site... The information needed is at: $form_state['values']['field_myone']['en'][0]['value']

I'm aware of field_get_items or entity_metadata_wrapper, but I can't get either one to work.

This doesn't give me a wrapper back:

$wrap = entity_metadata_wrapper('entity_form', $form_state); 

And this one doesn't work either:

$val = field_get_items('entityform', $form_state, 'field_myone');

Any help out there?


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I am also interested. Please post the answer if you solved.

This code:

$node = node_load($form_state['node']->nid;);
$node_wrapper = entity_metadata_wrapper('node', $node, array('bundle', $node->type));

solves in case you are editing a previously saved node (and the nid is then existing).

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