I am the new admin for a Pantheon site. I have no access to previous admins. I have no administrative login, just a very restricted editor login on the live build. I checked the databases, and there are important parts of the database on dev and test that do not match live -- for instance, there are no users on dev with administrative access, and no roles on dev which allow for admin access, just anonymous, authorized, and editor. It is my understanding that I should develop on dev, pull that to test, and then pull that to live. But first, it seems like I need to have the dev and test versions match the live version. There is a place in the Pantheon gui to do just that. Does anyone think this is a good place to start? Once I do that, I should have at least all the right roles in dev and I could use drush to add a user with admin privileges. I'm not getting much more than stock answers from the help ticket system, and I think I've got an unusual situation. It doesn't look to me like this site was ever administered properly. I want to get it all synced and aligned right.

From the docs:

Update Dev Content

If you are working on a site where the Live environment is active, you will want to make frequent syncs of content/configuration from your Live site into Dev. This insures your code development continues against an up-to-date set of environmental circumstances. Use this option to synchronize the content (database as well as sites/default/files) of your Dev environment with that of Live or Test.

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You'll want to get the developers to add you to the team for the site project. Pantheon has its own dashboard:


From this dashboard, you can use the "workflow" tools to sync the database and then do your work. That's the first step.

Hope that helps!

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