I have read many articles on improving the page load for Drupal and used as many steps as possible to enhance the speed of the site.

I installed the FireFox pluggin YSlow to get feedback on my site. I scored a 91 with an A rating thanks to the changes recommended in the forum.

YSlow is giving me an Grade F on Configure entity tags (ETags) and Grade F on Use cookie-free domains.

Are ETags and Cookie-Free domains, something I should concern myself with?

Even though I have a good rating, I still feel the home page loads slowly. Even going from a page with images to a text only page there is a delay.

Thank you.


If your using multiple web servers then ETags need to be configured correctly. Add this to your .htaccess file (at the bottom) if this is the case. If you only have 1 server then you can safely ignore this recommendation.

FileETag MTime Size

Cookie-free domains offer a slight performance improvement because less data will be traveling over the wire. You need a CDN to get a cookie-free domain setup correctly.

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