I have a CT (let's call it Article) with a Status taxonomy field (let's say with values Open, Closed and Cancelled) and I want a view of Articles with menu tabs for each status value. And I would like to have it work with contextual filters on Status term name.

The URLs of the tabs should be like articles/open, articles/closed etc but the last argument should act also as the contextual filter value. I cannot make it work since drupal takes articles/open as part of the url and I should type articles/open/open to have it use the argument.

Is it possible to be implemented with contextual filters somehow? I would like to avoid hidden filter criteria with taxonomy term value preselected, as I want to track it with features and I do not want the id of the preselected taxonomy term tracked.


I managed to resolve the above problem with the following configuration:

I created the contextual filter on taxonomy term field and in the filter settings section When the filter value is NOT in the URL I selected Provide default value and Raw value from URL with Path Component 2 and the option Use path alias checked.

In the filter settings section When the filter value IS in the URL or a default is provided I selected the appropriate vocabulary and for Filter value type Term name converted to term ID.

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