I am creating a custom front page (using a template page--front.tpl.php).

I've defined a few regions to be used on my front page. In one of these regions I would like to embed a Bootstrap Carousel (that was created with the Bootstrap Carousel module). Can this be done? It appears only blocks can be added. A Carousel appears to be of type content. Perhaps this can be done using Views or a similar module?

The reason for me going this route is for simplicity of updating the carousel. Another maintainer of this website does not have PHP/HTML/CSS skills, so I would like for them to simple update the carousel using the Drupal admin interface, as opposed to updating page--front.tpl.php itself.

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    Try to google for "drupal node as block", it usually gives a lot of relevant results. Also, views may be a good call, too. So try :)
    – Mołot
    Commented Jan 19, 2014 at 21:00

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I did something similar and used the Views Bootstrap Module. I am not sure if you are using also a Bootstrap Subtheme, but here is what i did:

  1. Installed the Bootstrap Theme and created a Subtheme.
  2. Installed JQuery Update. (Most recent Bootstrap need JQuery 1.9)
  3. Installed Views Bootstrap.
  4. Created a Views Block for my Slides. I did it with articles which have an imagegallery field.
  5. Added a contextual filter, so for each article a carousel of images can be added in form of a block.
  6. In the Views Block under Format i choosed Bootstrap Carousel.

enter image description here

Then i had a Carousel Block to put in any region i want. You can configure your view to serve your personal needs.

  • Is this mandatory to use Bootstrap theme to achieve this. Because i tried the same thing with different theme, but its not working. Please help me in this regard.
    – Suraj
    Commented Nov 6, 2017 at 9:55

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