I have a distro with many preinstalled features (Panopoly).

Since I have upgraded core to 7.24 I can see an additional setting at admin/structure/features/settings, see attachment.

enter image description here

On production, is it best to disable the "Rebuild features on cache clear"? This is active by default.


Yes, it is best to disable this in production for the performance reasons mentioned.

I think the only times you would want to rebuild the feature list is when you are using the features and/or modules lists (as designed). Spending the resources to reload that when clearing cache for themeing purposes would be unnecessary.

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  • great! thanks. i will post this on the project's issue log or they need that to be a hidden 6 levels deep option? maybe it should be written in the README.txt... (i need to start reading that stuff :) – Mau Feb 25 '14 at 11:28

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