I want let anonymous user can visit unpublished content, So I enable View own unpublished content for anonymous user.

But I open other browser to visit the url of unpublished content. But it alert me:

Access denied

I clear the cache, but above problem again

So, It is a bug?

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    as it says View OWN unpublished content if the content is created by anonymous they can view it. – niksmac Jan 20 '14 at 4:53
  • Did you rebuild the user permissions? Go here: admin/reports/status/rebuild – tyler.frankenstein Jan 20 '14 at 5:40
  • @NikhilM, Thanks, I got, But how to let anonymous to view every unpublished content? – TangMonk Jan 20 '14 at 5:53
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    Whats the point of keeping the content unpublished if its viewable by all users ? – niksmac Jan 20 '14 at 5:57
  • I just want to build a REST api, I count data from other program(android). and no authentication. – TangMonk Jan 20 '14 at 6:07

Drupal 7

In Drupal 7, users are not allowed to view any unpublished content by default, not even content created by themselves. By enabling 'View own unpublished content', you grant users access to their own unpublished content.

The only way to allow users access to all unpublished content in Drupal 7 (without using a contributed module), is to enable the permission 'Bypass content access control'. Use this permission with extreme caution as it has far more consequences than just allowing access to unpublished content. In combination with Organic Groups for example, this permission allows access to private group content regardless of whether the user is a group member.


On that page are some contributed modules to set permissions you need...

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