There is a user role where users can edit, save and publish articles. But they don't see the admin menu.

Does exist a module to realize a "create content" button only or to modify the admin menu?

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There is no specific module for that, and it is well known problem. But if you want them to only create one content type, like Article, you don't need a module for that. You can simply go to /admin/structure/menu and add links like /node/add/page to a menu they can access.

For node listings for such users, create a view with table of titles and edit links.


If you're looking to use a specific role for content creation but do not want them to get into any of the administration areas, I'd recommend the Workbench module. Create a new role called something like "Content Moderator" then in Workbench you can specify which content types they can add, edit, delete, and publish.

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