I am using the Gmap module to display a map on the page; however, it works on the PC, but not on the iPhone.
I checked the iPhone debug console, and got the following error:

Drupal.gmap [undefined] is not an object

Could anyone please suggest me the way to solve this problem?

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So your solution hacks the module code. Do the community a favour and submit your change to the issue cue for the module so that everyone can share in your success or even better roll a patch for the authour to apply to the module code.


I fixed the problem; it was caused by the JavaScript file. This is what I have tried:

  1. Open the file of "/sites/all/modules/gmap/gmap.module"
  2. Find the function "_gmap_doheader()"
  3. Find the line begin with "drupal_set_html_head('
  4. Move it to the second line of _gmap_doheader(), so it may look like:

    function _gmap_doheader() {    
      drupal_set_html_head('<script src=xxx    
      static $gmap_initialized = FALSE;
      // …
  5. Upload the file to /sites/all/modules/gmap/

  6. Flush all caches

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