I am displaying a content information page. At the end of the content displaying page i need to display a form.

How shall i do it?

What have I done?

  1. Written a menu callback in hook_menu()
  2. Written a method to collect the information
  3. Registered a theme in hook_theme()
  4. Written hook_preprocess_theme() to register variables
  5. Created a template and assign the variables

By doing all the above, I am displaying the Content Information.

What do I need to do, to display a form at the end of the content?

I have done these thing.

  1. Created a form in a function called content_form() (including logic)
  2. Wrote a submission function (content_form_submit()).

My only todo left is displaying the form at the content information page.

  • <?php print render(drupal_get_form('content_form')); ?> Just putting this here to get you started ... probably better ways though
    – Jukebox
    Aug 27, 2011 at 6:42
  • great jukebox.... U r right... I forget to give drupal_get_form... thanks.. Post this is as answer pleze
    – Fero
    Aug 27, 2011 at 6:48

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The quick and dirty way to print a form defined by hook_form is to use the drupal_get_form function:

print render(drupal_get_form('content_form'));

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