According to hook_form_alter doc for webform, I can target the component's properties using $form['submitted']['component_name'], etc. This works fine for altering title, weight, description. The form structure of webform looks something like:

  [#tree] => 1
  [component_email] => Array
       [#type] => webform_email
       [#title] => Email
       [#webform_component] => Array
           [extra] => Array
             [disabled] => 0

Simply changing the disabled property to true or 1 doesn't disabled the component. I have also tried the $form['#node']->webform path.

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I have never had luck trying to set the disabled flag via a FormsAPI hook using the array indexes. Looking at the code above, it would also seem that you are setting the incorrect 'disabled' for the form array - #disabled is what is checked during the rendering process.

But, like I said, never had much luck with it anyway. What you may end up needing to do is set the #attributes array for the form element, specifically identifying the disabled property as in the html element tag:

<input type='text' disabled />
// becomes
$form['element']['#attributes'] = array('disabled' => '1');

obviously with the form indexes specified as needed.

  • Thank you sir! $form['submitted']['component_name']['#attributes']['disabled'] = true did the trick
    – rwaery
    Jan 23, 2014 at 17:46

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