I am new to Drupal.

I want to implement a contextual filter in YYYYMMDD or in Unix date format. if I pass a value as 1st Dec 2013 (20131201) then it should return me all the contents who has been updated after that date. I am not able to get how to do it.. I got to know about updated date but its in the format of CCYYMMDD is it same as YYYYMMDD? if not then can I change it to so?

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The date format CCYYMMDD is indeed the same YYYYMMDD.

CC means century number as a 2 digit cardinal number where the first century was given the number 00. The present century is century number 20.

YY or YYYY means year (written as a 2 or 4 digit cardinal number with a leading zero if required), The present year is 14 (two digits) or 2014 (four digits).

MM means month as a two digit cardinal number with a leading zero if required. The present month, January, is written as 01.

DD means day om the month as a two digit cardinal number with a two digit leading zero if required. Today is day number 24 of January.

In other words, today's date (January 24th 2014) is written 20140124 in both these formats, and December 1st 2013 is written as 20131201 in both these formats.

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