I have a list of events (custom content type event) shown in a view.

There are several events each week. Each event has a date field, date, that records the date that the event will be held.

I would like to group the events by the week of the year that they occur. For example:

  • Next week
  • Two weeks from now
  • Three weeks from now
  • Four weeks from now

Is there a fancy way to compute the week using the date field and views grouping?


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You can do this without using a PHP field (or similar). Those modules are usually bad practice to put PHP into the database like that.

You can create a date format in Drupal for 'Week'. Then you add the date field to the View and use this week format. That will output the value of the date as a week #. Then you group on that value.

A views filter can also help restrict the view to now + 4 weeks. And some views theming can make each week header be whatever you need it to be.

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