I have an exposed filter for a taxonomy vocabulary. The filter settings are

  • Single Filter
  • Operator: Is one of
  • Limit list to selected items: On
  • Selected vocabulary terms: a subset of the full, flat (non-hierarchal) vocabulary
    • Assume selected terms term1, term2, term3
    • Assume non selected terms non1, non2, non3

The filters UI appears and is accurate, and it is functional when a filter is selected. However, when the - Any - option is selected, all objects from the vocabulary are displayed - all of the term# objects are displayed along with the non# objects.

I've tried adding a second (non-exposed) filter that does is one of for each of the term# terms. With this, the - Any - option is correct but none of the other selected filters in the drop down work.

How do I get only the selected term# elements to show when the - Any - option is selected?

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For the second non-exposed filter change the operator to is none ofand assign the terms accordingly (inverse to what you have now). If not otherwhise specified filters in views are AND filters.

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