I have a Drupal core menu setup for my main menu that has > 50 links setup. I've also got TB Megamenu configured for that menu to show the menus with pictures, etc.

Now I have a case in which I want to show the same menu content, but configured differently (to shown only standard flyouts with no images) on all pages but the home page.

I haven't been able to find a way to do this without duplicating the main menu link by link (which I obviously don't find sustainable).

Can anyone think of a way I could accomplish this?

(Note that I did try the Context module, which is great, but is not really suited for this purpose).


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You can use Superfish module and reuse same main menu . All you need to do is configure super fish menu block with main menu.

Project page says

"Multi-column sub-menus. (Megamenus) Easing effects with the jQuery Easing plug-in, and many more...."

  • Thanks, that's a great idea. Didn't realize Superfish had that ability.
    – evanmcd
    Jan 31, 2014 at 3:30

While the project page states this is an upcoming feature:

Multi instances of one Drupal core menu for different styles/appearance

Meanwhile you can hide (css) or better, unset (custom module) the images for particular pages.

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