1. I have enabled VIEWS AUTOCOMPLETE FILTER module.

  2. I have a field : field_assigned_user which is user reference field and field settings is set to unlimited values.

  3. I have created a relationship entity reference : referenced entity field_assigned_to_user.

  4. I have added a field field_assigned_user which has no relationship and another field: user name having relationship as entity reference : referenced entity field_assigned_to_user.

  5. What should I add in the filter criteria to get autocomplete field for field_assigned_user ?

  6. For entity reference field which is not multi-valued and not an user reference field , the autocomplete field works?

  7. I have referred the video link in the module Drupal 7 Views Autocomplete Filter Tutorial and worked step by step. But for the user reference field no support or help is provided

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