I'm creating a module using Drupal7.26 and want to create content type with different type of fields like radio/checkboxes/drupdown and textfields.

I'm following the last comment by Jason Gray in THIS thread and is working pretty well except it is not creating Fieldset, Vertical Tab Group and Vertical Tab when the module is installed.

What I did is:
I have created a custom module to create new Content Type by following SITEPOINT tutorial. And take the fields array by exporting of the node which I created manually using CCK with all fields that I want.

Now all the fields are showing in my newly created node by installing module, except (Fieldset, Vertical Tab Group and Vertical Tab) which I created by enabling Field group module.

NOTE: When I export the content type using feature as (test) it gives me 3 files as bellow:
1 - test.features.field_base.inc (I take fields array from here)
2 - test.features.field_instance.inc (I take instances array from here)
3 - test.field_group.inc (it give me the bellow hook) which I'm not sure where/how to use it.I place it in both MYMODULE.install and MYMODULE.module files both didn't work.

    function test_field_group_info() {


Any ideas would be appreciated.

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Wooho :) here is the answer I was missing hook_ctools_plugin_api() in my module

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