I'm using Google Analytics Reports to bring in Google Analytics data into Views, this works fine, but I'd like to display this data as a chart.

I've tried with two different charts modules: Charts and Google Chart Tools. Both require you to use Aggregation in views to group the data, but this isn't something the Google Analytics Reports module supports.

Can anyone recommend a way around this or a different approach?

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You can use the API sub-module within the Google Analytics Reports module and use

DataViz module for the visual representation.

You could use http://blog.amazeelabs.com/en/comment/257249 for reference.


According to the Google Analytics Reports issue about "Use Aggregation", the 7.x-3.x version (for which only a beta2 is available at this moment) should support this now.

That's also what's written in comment #1 of it, ie:

See chart examples in the latest 7.x-3.x version.

What isn't obvious to discover, is that these examples have a weak module dependency of the Charts module:

So if the Charts module isn't enabled yet, these example charts will show up as soon as you (download and) enable it.

Disclosure: I'm a co-maintainer of the Charts module.

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