How do I override the template of a node based on where it is in the menu?

For example, I create a node, and within the "Menu settings" I put it under some "parent item". I wish to use a specific template for nodes of a particular content type that fall under a particular parent item.

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I believe it is possible to achieve this in hook_preprocess_node by calling menu_get_item, checking whether it is the item you are looking for (checking the parent etc.) and then assigning the appropriate template like this: $vars['template_file'] = 'your_template_file';

  • I was unsuccessful in getting the menu parent item by simply calling menu_get_item. There appeared to be no information gotten regarding menu items. I've managed to figure it out however. I'll post the answer.
    – KyoreG
    Feb 5, 2014 at 14:49

I figured it out by doing something like this in theme_preprocess_page

$link_path = "node/$node->nid";
$result = db_query('SELECT m.plid from {menu_links} m where m.link_path = :lpath', array(':lpath' => $link_path));

where plid, the parent menu id, is what I needed.

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