I've got a site which will run in different languages. The language is determined based on the language domain, and the site will thus exists as example.com, example.de, example.fr, example.co.uk and so on. All sites run on the same codebase and database.

I've experimented with $cookie_domain in settings.php, but cookies will not be shared across top level/language domains. I've also had a look at the Bakery module, but that does not work for top level/language domains either.

Does anyone have experience with this, or does anyone know what my options are?

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    You can't share cookies across different domains, period. And example.com is obviously a completely different domain to example.de, so you can't share cookies across those (this isn't a limitation imposed by Drupal, it's a restriction of HTTP). Anything you could try to do would be a hack/workaround, which you'll need to solve separately to Drupal first, and then try to integrate back in afterwards. See stackoverflow.com/questions/3342140/cross-domain-cookies for some ideas – Clive Feb 4 '14 at 16:42

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