This is my first question here, sorry if I miss something and for my bad english. I have a D7 drupal commerce site, and custom wants to add an optional insurance for shipping. There is only 1 shipping service calculated with shipping weight tariff module. At checkout users should be ablen to choice wether buying insurance for shipping or not. If yes I should add 10% of order total with at least 10€ amount.

Thank you very much.


You'd probably add this using a combination of Rules (module) plus an additional custom field for Shipping line items.


I'm trying in this way: - I've created a new fee with Commerce Fees - Created two shipping service, say "Service 1" and "Service 2", with the same calculation rule (I use Weight Shipping tariff) - Created a rule: when shipping service is "Service 2", apply the fee.

The fee is based on total amount, while the shipping tariff is based on totale weight.

The problem is my insurance service figure as shippping service, not as an optional service in a new checkout step. It would be choosen not among shipping services, but in another step.

So, I'm trying this solution:

  • created a new checkout page with Commerce Checkout Pages
  • created a new checkout pane with Commerce extra panes, named "Insurance"

Now I would create something like a checkbox in "Insurance" pane to let the user choose to purchase the service or not; than get the value of input field, and write a rule like this: "if input field is checked, apply the fee to total order amount", using appropriate rules event, provided by Commerce Fees module.

Ho could I make that form or input filed in my custom pane and than get the value for rules?

Thank you very much.

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