Is it possible to use multiple indexes with Apache Solr? We want to use different indexes depending on the environment id.


Setup multiple solr core's and then use settings.php to define for each environment as poster above said.

If you are using ApacheSolr its like:

$conf['apachesolr_environments']['my_env_id']['url'] = 'http://localhost:8983';

Just make sure your settings.php is not moved from server to server, if it is then use environment variable in apache:

SetEnv ENVIRONMENT development
SetEnv ENVIRONMENT staging
SetEnv ENVIRONMENT production

And use something like this in settings.php

switch ($_SERVER['ENVIRONMENT']) { 
  case 'development': 
    $conf['apachesolr_environments']['my_env_id']['url'] = 'http://localhost:8983';
  case 'production': 
    $conf['apachesolr_environments']['my_env_id']['url'] = 'http://www.domain.com:8983';
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Yes. One way to do this [on a single Solr server] use Multi-core Solr, and have an index for each environment (Dev, Staging/Test, Prod/Live).

You'll probably want to customize the index file per environment based through some flag you'd set in settings.php (per environment); there are utility modules that help split settings amongst each env.

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