I have a view object and I'd like to get the contextual filters that were passed to it.

I have this tidbit of code that prints out the arguments field name.

if (!empty($view->argument)) {
  foreach ($view->argument as $id => $arg) {
    print $arg->field;

I'm trying to get the values of those fields.

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$view->args[0] returns the first argument.


A dynamic solution:

foreach ($view->argument as $id => $arg) {
  $pos = $arg->position;
  print $view->args[$pos];

For Drupal 8 I've used such variant based on the answers above.

foreach ($view->argument as $arg) {
    if ($arg->getPluginId() != 'node_nid') {
    $node = Node::load($arg->getValue());

Maybe you could use:

$info = $view->get_items($type);

Where $type is some type from here: https://api.drupal.org/api/views/includes%21view.inc/function/views_object_types/7

Probably for your case could be:

$contextual_filters = $view->get_items('argument');

Ahother option could be to target a specific contextual filter for performing some alterations (i.e. hook_views_whatever): In that case you could probably use:

$my_filter = $view->get_item($display_id, $type, $id);

Perform whatever you want to do with that filter, and then:

$view->set_item($display_id, $type, $id, $my_filter);
  • Kindly test your solution before posting here. "Maybe", "probably" isnt something the people want to see here. :) Feb 3, 2016 at 10:04
  • Hi Pratip Ghosh, "Maybe" refers to one choice you could use and "probably" means here that is the best solution that I can think whitout knowing where that code is being called. That $view object could come from many hooks, handlers...
    – TuWebO
    Feb 29, 2016 at 16:04

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