How can I make an URL that points on the same page Quick Tabs TAB. It will be good if link works without reloading page.

  • You want HIDE the Quick Tabs TAB or want to click the TAB when some link is clicked?
    – Inizio
    Commented Feb 7, 2014 at 4:55

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In Drupal 7, you can achieve it by using jQuery

  • Without reloading page : Just create a Dynamic link using ID attribute or some other attribute, by using these attribute just click the TAB using jQuery.

  • Dynamic link like

    <a href="#" id="tab1">Link text</a> OR

    <a class="tab1" href="#">Link text</a> OR

    <a href="#" data-tab="your_selecting_tab_ID">Link text</a>

  jQuery("#dynamic_link_ID").click(function(e) {//OR by using other attribute
    e.preventDefault();//it will not redirect when link is clicked
    jQuery("#quicktabs-tab_ID").click();//OR use any selector as per you requirement

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