I built a Drupal 7 site using the Views module and I am using the "comment count" field.

If I choose the format plural checkbox, with a comment, it will output "1 comment", and when there are zero comments, 2 or more comments, it will output the number of comments followed by comments. If I want to output "no comments yet" when the comment count is 0, I can use the "No result behavior (Count the number 0 as empty)" option.

The problem is that the format plural option is not working together with the "No result behavior" option. When I use both of them, I get "0 comments" instead of "no comments yet."

How can I achieve my goal?

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I managed to get this working by using the following settings for the Content: Comment count field:

  • Format plural checked
  • Singular form: @count comment
  • Plural form: @count comments

Under No results behavior:

  • No result text: no comments yet
  • Count the number 0 as empty checked
  • Hide if empty checked
  • Hide rewriting if empty checked

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