I'm working on a project using Drupal 7. I'm using simple Hierarchical select module.

How its possible to attach the parent lineage to the node? Is there any way to do so using simple Hierarchical select? because the SHS only attach the child term to the node I tried to google it million times but couldn't find an answer

I tried the Hierarchical select module but its doesn't help because I'm using this field as exposed filter in a view and there are only two 'selection type' choices:

  • Autocomplete : Which is not what am not looking for
  • Drop down : Which combines the parent terms and children terms in one list and that is not what I want , I want the selection type to be Hierarchical select which is not provided

please help thank you in advance

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With views you can use SHS which will provide simple Hierarchical select as selection type in expose filter.

To attach the parent term to node, you need to use the combination of Display Suite, Panels and entity module with token. You can use parent term's token in Display Suit of default layout or any you want to use.

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