I want to show some extra book information in the search result page like node id, book id, book name etc. I have added some code in search-result.tpl.php but its still not showing.

$node->book['bid']  //is added to show book id.
$node->node['nid'] //is added to show node id.

Let me know where i am doing wrong.


Finally managed it using search-result.tpl.php file which copied in theme folder.

 $url = $variables['result']['fields']['url']; 

this variable gives search result urls from which i extracted book name and based in book name i printed book id. @Anil, thanks for the help which guide me at right direction and got to know many more.

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Please find the full documentation regarding search-result.tpl.php .

Above documentation explains full node information is stored in $result. You can able to pull information like Node Id, Book Id, Book Name using $result variable. Use below code to print out $result variable in tpl file which you can override in your custom theme.

print '<pre>';
print '</pre>';
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  • I tried using $result but i am unable to get the book id and book name in it. Will you please tell how can i get the book name. – Akshay Sawant Feb 10 '14 at 9:27

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