I have a content type which consists four types of fields. checkbox, radio, select, select multiple

I'm using field_info_instances('node','bundle_name') in my custom module to get filed info for my content type. I need this info to use somewhere.

My question is, how can I distinguish the checkbox type and radio type.same problem for select and multi select also.

Here is the output enter image description here

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A field has a cardinality property (meaning how many values it can have) and a type property (meaning what general sort of form element to use).

I say general because the field object itself does not dictate the exact widget. That is controlled by options_field_widget_form() (docs here) which takes the field object and works out whether to use checkboxes or radio buttons based on the cardinality.

So yes you are right - examining the field object won't tell you which type of form element will be used, but you can assume it from the cardinality (so long as no-one has overridden options_field_widget_form()).

Multiple cardinality gets checkboxes; single cardinality means you are only allowed one choice, hence a set of radio buttons. By the way 1 and -1 are not the only possible cardinalities. -1 means unlimited. A cardinality of, say, 3 will also get a set of checkboxes.


I got the solution, I've used field_info_field function, In the return array I found the difference in cardinality.

The cardinality for checkbox is -1 and for radio button is 1. Similarly for select is 1 and multi select is -1

I found it myself, is there any better solution than this?

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