The definition of CACHE_TEMPORARY used in cache_set reads as follows.

CACHE_TEMPORARY: Indicates that the item should be removed at the next general cache wipe.

I am just curious as to what General Cache Wipe means and what constitutes to General Cache Wipe other than obvious cron.

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Any action that makes a call to either cache_clear_all(NULL, $table); on all core cache tables or a call to cache_clear_all(); can be termed as General Cache Wipe

I could list down following based on a quick grep search for these functios.

  1. Cron : Very obvious.
  2. When a vote is submitted on a poll.
  3. Any operation performed on admin/content page like
    • Node Multiple Delete. (Handled as a special case with confirmation form)
    • Any other operation like
  4. When node access is rebuilt. (Like change of permissions)
  5. When menu cache is cleared. (Node module clears all the caches [node_menu()])
  6. Node Form Submission. [Creation or Updation]
  7. Node Deletion
  8. Comment Form Submission
  9. Any operation performed on admin/content/comment page
  10. Block administration. Any action performed on admin/structure/block
  11. Create, Delete/Update any custom block.
  12. Any forum form submit.
  13. Any System Theme settings are changed.
  14. When aggregator parses a feed.
  15. Profile fields are edited/updated/deleted or their weights and categories are changed.
  16. When a user account is cancelled.
  17. When taxonomy term/vocabulary is added/deleted/updated.
  • So, if I call cache_set with CACHE_TEMPORARY, followed by cache_clear_all(), then the entry should be deleted from the database and a subsequent cache_get should not return the cached item? That doesn't seem to be the case :-(
    – Enno
    Commented Aug 21, 2020 at 12:02

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