I am fairly new to this drupal and I can't seem to get the rate widget integrated into views so i can output a chart on my custom page. I set up the relation to "vote results" and set to the the custom widget I created on rate. I have tried every option the field "vote results" is zero. My configuration is as follows:

Rate widget: name: Reviews tag: vote_tag type: options

Views: Relation Filter: Vote Results tag: vote_tag aggression: Number of votes

Fields: Vote results: value Vote: value

the vote results gives me a zero and also how can I print out the label of the option rather than than value. It is display correctly in results page of the node but I can't print a chart using that data or integrate into view

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VotingAPI module provides an API for other modules to cast votes on any entity. There are many modules that support VotingAPI, such as FiveStar, Rate, etc.

Making use of VotingAPI actually depends on your approach.

FiveStar module, for example, does NOT save data to VotingAPI-related in certain widgets. First, you need to make sure you are actually recording values to VotingAPI. Fivestar module requires VotingAPI by default, but does not use it for these widgets.

(img) rated while viewing

If you are using some other module or unsure, check votingapi_vote table to see if there are actual data in the table.

In Views, the relationship's configuration is very important.

  • Value type: Points
  • Vote tag: (choose the tag)
  • Aggregation function: Number of votes
  • I am using rate module and set my settings to options in the rate widget but when i come to views and set to option the results show up zero Feb 15, 2014 at 15:38

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