I want to send HTML emails on webfrom submission. Gone through many tutorials as well as Questions on stack but didn't found a proper solution. I am using three modules to send these HTML mails.

MIME mail,Mail system,SMTP Authentication Support

I had configured all the settings in MAIL system module. when all the the class are set to MIMEmailsystem_SMTPmailsystem.

enter image description here

Mails are being sent but am not getting "Send e-mail as HTML" option my webform email configuration"

enter image description here

When i am setting "Webform module class" to MIMEmailsystem, "Send e-mail as HTML" is visible but mail are not getting dispatched.


You can change the email template format From Custom Template to Default Template or you can create your own template using place it in templates folder (/sites/all/themes/your-theme-folder/templates) and name it webform-mail-webform-node-id.tpl.php

  • Actually i have used a different module for this HTML email.
    – user7048
    Feb 17 '14 at 13:59

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