This is my code to programmatically save comment:

  $comment = (object) array(
    'nid' => $loaded_node->nid,
    'cid' => 0,
    'pid' => 0,
    'uid' => $loaded_node->uid,
    'mail' => $account->mail,
    'thread' => '00/',
    'created' => $loaded_node->created,
    'changed' => $loaded_node->created,
    'is_anonymous' => 0,
    'homepage' => '',
    'status' => COMMENT_PUBLISHED,
    'subject' => $comment_body_subject,
    'language' => $node_language,
    'comment_body' => array(
      $node_language => array(
        0 => array (
          'value' => $comment_body_value,
          'format' => 'msg_filtered_html',


I want to get the cid of comment just saved. How can I get that?

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Since comment_save() is using drupal_write_record(), and cid is the primary key for the comment table, the value of $comment->cid is updated after the call to comment_save().


The cid value should be in the comment object after it has been saved. So you should simply be able to use something like this:

drupal_set_mesage("ID is " . $comment->cid);

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