I am using media module to save media in CDN. To play videos, we are using jwplayer in Drupal 7. Jwplayer throws error in IE, If video is not of content type [mime type] video/mp4. I have changed the existing CDN videos mime type from application/octet-stream to video/mp4.

Now whatever mp4 videos are being uploaded/saved to cdn should only be of video/mp4 mime type but when I upload mp4 videos in media module it is saved in CDN with mime type application/octet-stream, How do I change the uploaded mime type [content type] to video/mp4.

How do I change mime type[content type] to video/mp4 in media module, Drupal 7, when mp4 video are being uploaded.

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Found the Answer :

1) "A MIME-TYPE is a server side setting. You can ask your hosting provider to add the MP4 MIME-TYPE for you.

Or, you can add a .htaccess file to the directory where you uploads are stored".

A sample .htaccess file that adds the MP4 MIME-TYPE is:

<IfModule mod_rewrite.c>
  AddType video/mp4 .mp4

Source : Need to Change Video Content Type to video/mp4 so it plays in IE

But this did not work for me for some reason

2) I did the change in my core class file which i was using in drupal module for CDN upload I had made a change in my class.s3.php file -> in mime_type[] array and also, cross checked with putObject() function.


Setting of mime type is always done in coding side and not in AWS S3 bucket, We need to use AWS PHP Class file or sdk to do the manipulation in mime type or make the necessary changes in core class file (eg. class.s3.php )

** For details check here find-mime-type-of-file-or-url-using-php-for-all-file-format

Second Answer has worked for me :)

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