I know how to hook_alter a Webform build form. I also know how to validate it using a hook_validate.

Is there a chance to skip a certain Webform page when some validation code results in false?

I cannot find any solution ;-(

  • no ideas? I searched almost everywhere... – schulle877 Feb 28 '14 at 13:40

I has just found a solution for it. Perhaps, somebody can find more pretty realisation.

So, first step: Lets your 'hook_node_view' in custom module call early than webform 'hook_node_view', you can do it through hook_module_implements_alter() something like it:

function YOUR_MODULE_module_implements_alter(&$implementations, $hook) {
  if ($hook == 'node_view') {
      $group = $implementations[YOUR_MODULE];
      $implementations = array_merge(array(YOUR_MODULE => $group), $implementations);

Second step: Remove unnecessary webform components from node object.

function YOUR_MODULE_node_view($node, $view_mode) {
  if (isset($node->webform['components']) && YOUR_CONDITION) {
    foreach ($node->webform['components'] as $key => $component) {
      if ($component['page_num'] == 2) {
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