Due to certain requirements, we are developing a custom module to handle node creation and deletion, using node_save() and node_delete() respectively. However when we add a Rule with the Rules module to perform certain tasks with the events "After saving new content" and "After deleting content", the event "After saving new content" is triggered with node_save() without problem, but the event "After deleting content" is never triggered at all with node_delete(). Anyone has any idea what could be going wrong here? Thanks.


Short inspection of rules code showed that it should be triggered after node delete:

function rules_entity_delete($entity, $type) {
  switch ($type) {
    case 'node':
      rules_invoke_event('node_delete--' . $entity->type, $entity);
      rules_invoke_event('node_delete', $entity);

(from events.inc)

Have you tried turning on rules debug to see what is happening? Go to admin/config/workflow/rules/settings and turn on Show debug information to Always.

Maybe the event is being invoked, but some of your condition is incorrect and it appears that nothing is happening.

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