Like the title says I want to make managed_file value to be a link on form submissions in the email.

Webform has this option. When a user uploads file, on the email form submission there's a link with the path of the uploaded file. I want to achieve this with custom module. This is my code:


function mymodule_page($form, &$form_state) {
    $form['description'] = array(
        '#type' => 'markup',
        '#markup' => t('Add description'),
    $form['file'] = array(
        '#type' => 'managed_file', 
        '#title' => t('Upload image'),
        '#upload_location' => 'public://files',

    $form['submit'] = array(
        '#type' => 'submit',
        '#value' => t('Submit'),
        '#submit' => array('mymodule_page_submit'),

    return $form;

function mymodule_page_submit($form, &$form_state) {
    $file = file_load($form_state['values']['file']);
    $file->status = FILE_STATUS_PERMANENT;


    $description = $form_state['values']['description'];

    $params = array('file' => $file->uri, 'description' => $description ); 
    drupal_mail('mymodule', 'mymodule_news_mail', 'myemail', language_default(), $params);
    drupal_set_message(t('Message sent!')); 

** Implements hook_mail().
function mymodule_mail($key, &$message, $params) {
    switch($key) {    
        case 'mymodule_news_mail':
            $message['subject'] = t('Hello');
            $message['body'][] = t('This is a test');
            $message['body'][] = t('Image upload: @file', array('@file' => $params['file']));
            $message['body'][] = t('Description: @description', array('@description' => $params['description']));   

As you can see it from my code I'm saving the file properly into the server. After that with dpm($file->uri) I can see the string public://files/file_name.

How can I display the link from the path of the uploaded file on the email, so will be able to click on the absolute path?

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Thanks to Jaypan from drupal.org, I've got the answer:


Simply with adding this code and make another variable that will use the code, I've got the right result.

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