I am updating a Drupal 6 installation to support memcached. After installing the memcache plugin, and configuring it with the following in settings.php, I cannot seem to access the Memcache admin page like I can on Drupal 7.

$conf['cache_inc'] ='sites/all/modules/memcache/memcache.inc';
$conf['memcache_servers'] = array(
  'ELASTICCACHE URL (Left out Intentionally)' => 'default'
$conf['memcache_bins'] = array(
  'cache_page' => 'pages'

I checked in modules to see if it was enabled but I do not see it there at all. All I can see is the memcache module without memcache admin.

Any suggestions?

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The Drupal 6 version of memcache requires enabling the Memcache Admin module:

Memcache Admin module

Once this module is enabled, there is an option at admin/settings/memcache to display memcache statistics on a page-by-page basis:

Show memcache statistics

  • Hi, so I only have the memcache option. I do not see the memcache admin option to enable. I am running memcache version 6.x-1.10 . Thanks. Feb 21, 2014 at 15:57

It looks like it had something to do with the version of Memcache I was using. The Development version reintroduced Memcache Admin (from Keithm's post).

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