During development I need to work with modules, views, site configurations, nodes etc.. I open all of them in new tabs (browser). It would be much convenient to switch between tabs to choose desired page if page title (html title that displays in the browser) has name of the admin navigation link/name. I have set 'Seven' as admin theme. Is there any configuration available to enable this or I need to tweek code?


You can use shortcut bar,

The Shortcut module provides a toolbar on the top of the page to which you can add links. This toolbar is site-wide, so any links added will be visible to all users who have permissions to see the Shortcut toolbar. This is useful for creating links to commonly-used pages within your site. You can organize these links in multiple sets of shortcuts.

Click on the + sign as shown below in any page you want to bookmark

enter image description here

You will see links next to Add Content , Find Content like below

enter image description here

Explained in link given above...

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  • I am using this module already. Where can I find the configuration settings to display the admin section in the title bar? May be my question was not clear. I have updated it – Dudepal Feb 24 '14 at 6:08
  • You cannot modify the title bar text with the shortcut module. – rooby Feb 24 '14 at 6:28

By default with drupal the title should be [page-title] | [site-name]. If yours are not then it is possible that your theme or a module is changing your page titles.

For enhanced page title configuration there is also the page title module.

It allows you to set the page titles for nodes, users, etc.

It doesn't specifically have settings for admin pages, however it has a default page title, which will affect admin pages.

So you can enable that module and configure the default to whatever suits you best.

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