I'm using DrupalPro VM and trying to do a drush make on the distribution One Page CV.

I build the distribution:

sudo drush make onepagecv.make -y

But I'm getting the following errors during the make and crashes my terminal. I logged the install process and it seems to stop at the following.

Here is the log:

enter image description here


This is probably related to some resources limit or temporary glitch. So first try to restart your Apache.

If this won't help, make sure that you've necessary requirements to run drush (which is either curl or wget).

Otherwise it could be some resource limitation on your environment. E.g. check for ulimit -a or kern.maxprocs.

If there is still problem, please add -v for verbose mode or -d for debug messages for drush, you could more easily track the issue.

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    This fixed it for me. Classic turn it off and on again solution :)
    – Felix Eve
    Oct 10 '17 at 3:21

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