I am displaying faceted blocks and current search block on the search page.

When I select a filter from any faceted block, it appears in the current search block and also in that faceted block with this sign (-).

When I click on this sign it removes the filter from the search.

It is fine in current search block. But It should not appear in the faceted block.

Suppose If I select category1 from the facet block. In the current search block and in its facet block it appears like this (-) category1.

And I want that in the current search block it should appear like (-) category1 and in its facet block it should on display its name like category1 without the (-) sign.

Any one who know how to hide this in the facet block?

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There are a couple of theme functions you can use to work with the display of these filters.



In your case, you could place the following in your theme's template.php file to edit the display of the deactivation 'button' of your facet:

function THEME_facetapi_deactivate_widget($variables) {
  return '';

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