I want to use a setup similar to the hard-coded faq-page, having the questions grouped by category, but having the answers hide/show with the accordion effect. I would like to add a jump menu attachment at the top of the page, but this requires setting up anchor links in the original view. I have tried using the various Views displays provided by the module, but these don't have the accordion effect. Is there a magic combination that I'm missing?


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If the FAQ module uses views to display the answers, then you can install the Views Accordion module, which creates a new plugin in views to render each result.

Views Accordion:

Views Accordion provides a display style plugin for the Views module.

It will take the results and display them as a JQuery accordion, using the first field as the header for the accordion rows.

For Drupal 7 the module integrates the jQuery UI Accordion plugin as a views style plugin. You can configure the options provided by the jQuery UI plugin.

For Drupal 6 the module used it's own jQuery code, so a different set of features is available for D6.

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