So I have an entity called "Discount" with the following fields:

  • field_discount_percentage is an integer field.
  • field_discount_price is a commerce price field.

I can test whether the percentage field contains a value to avoid exceptions via:

if (empty($discount_wrapper->field_discount_percentage))

However this does not work for commerce price fields, as $discount_wrapper->field_discount_price is an object in itself and so the following is always true:

if (empty($discount_wrapper->field_discount_price))

Alternatively I tried:

if (empty($discount_wrapper->field_discount_price->amount))

However this produces an exception on zero values, and the following:

if (empty($discount_wrapper->field_discount_price->value()))

Which returns a PHP Fatal error as empty() can only take variables and not functions.

I am now resorting to:

if ($discount_wrapper->field_discount_price->value())

However this does not feel explicit and I was hoping there is a more conventional means to test price fields.

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Adding isset() to that last if statement is a bit more explicit.

if (isset($discount_wrapper->field_discount_price->value()))
  • That won't work as the call happens before isset, so you'll get an error anyways if the field is not existant.
    – pcambra
    Jul 11, 2014 at 17:11

Not sure what you're looking for but you've got commerce_price_wrapper_value function to extract a price from an entity in a consistent way, example:

$unit_price = commerce_price_wrapper_value($wrapper, 'commerce_unit_price', TRUE);

The third parameter is a boolean that indicates to return the default price structure.

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