I created a context node add form and added it to the panel page.
The form is displayed in the page but, "Save" button is wrongly positioned. enter image description here

Another form also has the button wrongly at the top instead of bottom.

I updated the button's weight from my custom code to move the button underneath of the form, but it doesn't work.
I used CCK fields in my form.
I'm looking for a fix.

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Have you tried adding the submit button separately from the contact form?

If you are using an override to the node add/edit form in panels, try this:

1. Click on the little gear of your region to add content

2. Select Node form submit buttons which is under the "Form" heading

3. Position the form submit buttons where you want.

We had a similar problem on a Drupal 6 installation, and I think it may work on Drupal 7 as well.

Hope this helps

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