• Recently created a fresh Open Atrium 2 installation to replace an old AO1.
  • No content from the old OA1 database has been migrated, we're making a fresh start. Some content (a few pages) will be recreated by copy-pasting the content.
  • No anonymous access allowed, only authenticated users have acces to any content. Only admins can create user accounts.
  • As of yet, no groups and teams have been made -- there's only a handful of users. The actual userbase will be small enough that it can be managed simply by giving individuals access to certain spaces; groups and teams may be made later if the need arises. (I'm still partially in OA1 mode, really :) )

Problem: Comment forms do not appear anywhere in the site, for any user level (authenticated, editor, admin).

I have:

  • checked whether the required comment modules are enabled (they are)
  • checked permissions; authenticated users can view & post comments, skip approval & edit their own comments
  • made sure commenting is enabled for that content type (it is by default, no settings changed there)
  • made sure it's not simply a matter of permissions not being retroactive. Newly created content still has the same problem, though.
  • checked individual nodes (in this case, calendar events) to make sure comments are open
  • spent several hours googling, but found nothing beyond the things I've already tried.

Most likely I'm simply overlooking one little setting somewhere, but right now this has me stumped... Any pointers would be highly appreciated.

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I believe you need to add the comment box via panels. Admin > Configuration > Content Authoring > Panelizer > Content [link to the right of Your Content Type]

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