I had an installation of Drupal 7.24 and I was doing a new install with 7.26. Everything went well until the end, when I tried to login. When I try to login or submit any form the page just refreshes back to where I was.

I inspected element to see what was going on and noticed a bunch of files from site/default/... were returning 403 forbidden. I chmod-ed all the files in sites/default to 777 to try it out and it still did the same thing.

What part of Drupal could this problem reside in?

EDIT: deleted cookie, fore refreshed, tried in incognito.

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Have you checked out if you have set the public &/or private file permission on configuration page > Media > File System. Also do check permission of what ever form your are trying to submit.

  • check if .htaccess is configured correctly
    – sarathkm
    Commented Jan 20, 2016 at 12:33

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