A module I'm working on maintains a list of files in the private file system folder in Drupal. I use hook_file_download to control access to these files.

I generate links to these files, which end up like: http://sample.com/system/files/my_folder/file.pdf

My website path is /var/www/sample.com/www and the private folder path is configured to be /var/www/sample.com/private.

Now, if the file is placed is /var/www/sample.com/private/my_folder/file.pdf, everything works fine and I can properly control access to the file and deliver it. However, if my_folder is located elsewhere and symlinked in, then things break. I've tracked part of it down to the PHP function file_exists returning false, which is called in file_download.

I'm not sure where to go from here. Everything I've searched for thusfar indicates that symlinks should work just fine. The permissions on the symlinked directory are OK - the directory is 755 and the files are 644.

What else could this be?

I've tried this on the latest PHP 5.3 and PHP 5.4 with no difference.

EDIT: It's worth mentioning that I can get file_exists to return true if I pass the absolute path to the symlinked file. Drupal is passing a stream wrapper though (private://my_folder/file.pdf). So looks like it could be related to the streamwrapper somehow?

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I kept digging and found it was related to Drupal's stream wrapper implementation, specifically the getLocalPath method. There's already a large Drupal issue for this, which I wouldn't have found with my previous search terms.

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