I have a view that is listing all of the content tagged with a taxonomy terms (contextual filter). Underneath the note title, I would like to include some meta that says: posted by username who belongs to "group name" and link that over to the associated group. Here is a screenshot of my current view:


Any help is much appreciated. I can't seem to find a "group name" or "group title" field anywhere when attempting to use fields associated with a relationship.

Thanks for any help.

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Found the answer with the help of this post: Using Views to List a Member's Organic Groups (7.x-2.3)

Here is a screeshot of my view: http://cl.ly/image/2O1h1x3T3J43

by adding the relationship: "OG Membership: Group Node from OG membership" I was able to use that relationship in a new title field and display.

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