I have a comment form in a panel. The path to the panel is user/[uid].

When I post a comment I am taken to another page where all the comments are shown (user/[uid]/comments.) I do not want this, I want to stay on the same user/[uid] page.

Does anyone know how to do this using the Rules module?


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A possible "remedy" for this is to use the Rules module (indeed ...). To do so, have a look at my answer to "How to restrict access to a node via node/12 and allow access via a path like content/sometitle?".

Use the rule included there (within "Option 1"), and apply these changes to it:

  • Adapt the regular expression within the "Rules Condition", to make it match your (user/[uid]/comments.).
  • Adapt the "no_access" url to your user/[uid].
  • Probably you don't want to display any message, so just remove that "Rules Action".

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